About Us


Cryptofam.trade is an investment club in which everyone can earn real money, relying on the knowledge and experience of cryptotraders who specialize in BTC and LTC trading.

You can make money stably on our programme at bitcoin and litecoin currency difference. We have chosen exactly these currencies, because they are the most reliable ones at the moment, and reliability is a main principle of our programme.

Why our programme is attractive:

Working with bitcoins and litecoins. Cryptocurrencies which are increasing in price more likely earn profit from exchange bisuness.

Only real money is in circulation. We do not plunder, so you do not need to rent capability or to pay for electricity. An investor makes a deposit, and his income depends on two factors: the contribution and change in cryptocurrency rate.

Real people do trading. In our programme we prefer to work with professional traders with deep knowledge, vast experience and advanced analytical skills. According to experts’ opinion, they work on the exchange more effectively than bots.

Of course, traders work for percentage from investor’s profit. But these expenses can’t be compared with those for training to trade on cryptocurrency exchange.


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